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About Us

Lincolnshire Photographers are based in Skegness and comprises of Gavin and Janet, two full time professional wedding photographers. Together we have many years experience in covering all aspects of an entire wedding day and all types of wedding ceremonies throughout Lincolnshire and the UK and excellent knowledge of many Lincolnshire wedding venues.

Our relaxed attitude and approach, putting you at ease at every stage of your amazing day, is reflected in our style of wedding photography which is never intrusive nor overwhelming. We simply aim to capture emotions and feelings in a sensitive manner but with a strong emphasis on having fun too!

We only ever accept one wedding booking per date and all work from the first meeting through to the final products is done by ourselves and not outsourced so you can be assured that your big day receives our full attention.

We offer a wide range of set and bespoke wedding photography packages, but are always open to new ideas and offer a FREE informal consultation either in our office, your own home or at your wedding venue where you can view samples of our products and ask any questions you wish.

Besides, your wedding photography isn't all about us, it's about you, so please get in touch and see what we can offer you!

2 Photographers on your wedding day

Every wedding requires two main parties to get married and in our eyes each party is just as important as the other!

By working as a team of two photographers we are therefore able to provide seamless photographic coverage of the day for both parties, from the build up to the ceremony all the way through to the evening reception.

Please note that we are both full time professional photographers, - not 1 plus an assistant, a friend/relative/partner with a spare camera or a hired freelancer and have worked together for many years. With organised teamwork, we are able to still maintain a presence or your wedding day that is no more obtrusive than just one photographer alone would be.

However, should you require a package for just one photographer then we are also more than happy to provide that.

The smallest wedding we have done has been 4 people and the largest has been 500 so size is never an issue!